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Darshakudu Second 2nd Day Collection: Telangana, Andhra Pradesh Box Office Update

Darshakudu is the story of Mahesh (Ashok) who dreams of turning a director from his childhood days. He slowly turns a clap boy in a film unit after which he works on his dreams. One fine day, he meets a producer and narrates a story after which the producer requests for a better love track. He then meets Namratha (Eesha) who is a costume designer by profession. He falls in love with her and it is his real life love story which impresses the producer after which Ashok gets his nod. The rest of Darshakudu is all about what happens next and how he fulfils his dreams.

Mahesh (Ashok) is passionate about film direction since his childhood and settles as a light boy in Hyderabad. He narrates an excellent story to a producer, who largely agrees to do a film only if Mahesh improvises comeback the love track in the story. Mahesh who was never in love, thinks that he cannot do justice to the love track in the script unless he experiences that kind of relationship with a girl.


This is Ashok’s first film as an actor who is the Sukumar’s nephew. He reached the expectations. While Sukumar recently revealed that Ashok is not just a good actor, but also a good writer. It is director Jakka Hari Prasad’s first time behind the camera, and a new director means a fresh point of view too. The teaser & trailer of the film has received a good response. Eesha did justice to her role.

Darshakudu has no strong plot and it has been inspired from many films. The bad screenplay and the poor writing skills kill the film completely. The music and the background score look ok. The cinematography has been decent and impressive.The production values look decent however the debutant fails in all the available ways in tuning out Darshakudu into an impressive flick.

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Updated: August 5, 2017 — 9:58 am

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