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Bangara s/o Bangaradha Manushya Live Review, Update & Response: Shiv Rajkumar latest Kannada Movie


Shiv Rajkumar is back with an excellent concept which makes everyone connect with the film. The film has everything what audience want from Shiva rajkumar. Alongside his brother Puneeth Rajkumar, Shiv Rajkumar also planning to hit the theaters and makes audience happy. Bangara s/o Bangaradha Manushya was officially launched on 15 January 2016 and its […]

Adventures of Omanakuttan Review, Live Update & Response: Asif Ali, Bhavana latest Malayalam movie


Portraying the exploits of an introverted youth, the film Adventures of Omanakuttan has seven tracks put together by two newbie music composers. There is something that’s too familiar about many of the songs in the album and thus, it’s nothing groundbreaking. Asif plays Omanakuttan, who is an introvert and a daydreamer. Bhavana’s character is named […]

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