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Bigg Boss Telugu Update: Sampoo has to pay 16 lakhs penalty to break Bigg Boss Contract

Sampoornesh Babu has to pay a huge amount as penalty for leaving the Bigg Boss house midway. Sampoo forced evicted himself from the show by threatening to commit suicide in the house with the kitchen knives. And he became the second contestant to be eliminated from the Bigg Boss show after actress Jyothi. In the Hindi version of the Big Boss, those leaving the show midway have to pay Rs 50 lakh. Otherwise, they may have to face legal action.

As per the contract, the contestants cannot leave the house on their wish and they must follow the rules and regulations of the house. If they leave the house in the midway, they have to pay huge financial penalties. According to the rules, all the contestants will be locked in Bigg Boss house for a period of 70 days cutting off from the outside world. Contestants have to stay until and unless the Bigg Boss evicts them out.


Now, Sampoornesh Babu may face legal consequences and pay penalty for leaving the show midway with personal reasons. Reportedly, Hrudaya Kaleyam actor has to pay Rs. 16 lakh Penalty for breaching the agreement.An official announcement on the same is awaited, from Bigg Boss Telugu producers.

As per the agreement, the contestants have to stay in the house for a maximum period of 70 days until and unless the Bigg Boss evicts them out. The Burning star could have earned Rs 70 lakhs if he had stayed for the total 70 days but he is now facing a penalty of Rs 16 lakhs instead. While the contractual clauses in Telugu version are not known, we do know that Sampoornesh Babu has to pay an unspecified amount in addition to the deposit amount

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Updated: July 27, 2017 — 4:48 pm

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