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Bigg Boss Telugu 9th August Episode 25 Live Update: Team A & Team B luxury budget task Bigg Boss Telugu

Bigg Boss Telugu has been receiving raving reviews everywhere for its content as well as the show’s host, Tarak’s ease in performing the job. The show is going great, in terms of quickly changing the dynamics of the inmates’ relationships with each other with added drama. After Sameer left the Bigg Boss Telugu house, the nominations were called in for the fourth eek elimination process and yet again, Siva Balaji, Kalpana, Diksha Panth, Hari Teja and Kathi Mahesh were nominated.

They are grouped into two teams: Team A and Team B and the objective is to win the luxury budget for the day through the task which is Mulla Kurcheelu which translated literally means Chairs of thorns. The result would determine the next captain of the House. The task should be done in the supervision of Mahesh Kathi. Prince, Hari Teja, Archana, Siva Balaji and Kalpana are in team A.


At the sound of the buzzer, Team A sit on the designated chairs from which they are not supposed to get up. Team B should steal the pillows from the chairs of Team A and get the members to vacate their seats. Mahesh Kathi serves breakfast to a few select members of team A and this invites criticism for he is supposed to be neutral. Siva Balaji gets angry with Mahesh Kathi for referring to him in conversation.

Diksha and Siva Balaji discuss this partisan attitude of Mahesh Kathi. Siva Balaji who is angry at having his pillow stolen throws away his cup of tea which was offered him by Team A. The nomination process involves a bit of a drama as the contestants are asked to name the prospective evictee publicly along with reasons. Kartheeka nominates Archana, surprising many, since she has been neutral towards her all these days. Hari Teja nominates Siva Balaji, upsetting him, so the latter returns the favour.

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Updated: August 9, 2017 — 10:37 am

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