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Bigg Boss Telugu 4th August Episode 20 Live Update: Mumait wear plaster, Price jump into pool as punishmen

The housemates are woken up by Bigg Boss and almost as soon as they’re up, Archana starts telling the housemates how she cannot take Diksha’s attitude anymore. Diksha walks in while the conversation is taking place, and Siva Balaji asks her not to take anything to heart. Bigg Boss tells Prince that it is his responsibility to ensure that everyone speaks only in Telugu. If they don’t, as captain, he will face the consequences along with them. Mumait, Adarsh, Kathi Mahesh and Archana are specifically named as the ones flouting rules.

Archana brings up the topic about how Diksha has a problem with her and despite apologising to her, she has only dragged the issue. Diksha later tells Mumait that no matter how hard she tries, she cannot let forget that particular issue because she was hurt. Archana says she doesn’t want to talk about Diksha anymore, but keeps complaining about her till Adarsh points out the irony. Mumait tries to talk some sense into Diksha and Dhanraj tries to do the same with Archana, but in vain.


Prince is asked to nominate four housemates as best and worst performers of the luxury task. He names Adarsh and Kartheeka as the best and Diksha and Sameer as the worst. Adarsh and Kartheeka are now eligible to compete for captaincy the following week while Diksha and Sameer have to chop onions till Bigg Boss asks them to stop. Dhanraj later states that he predicted that Sameer would be punished due to his laziness.

The housemates are later given a task in which Mumait’s team performs well, making her eligible for captaincy too. When they’re asked to choose between a hamper and Dhanraj’s surprise gift — a video of his wife and son — they choose the latter despite Dhanraj being the captain of the opposing team.

In the upcoming episode, it’s shown that Mumait is made to wear a plaster on her mouth for not talking in Telugu and Prince is made to jump into the pool as punishment.


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Updated: August 4, 2017 — 2:56 pm

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