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Bigg Boss Telugu, 22nd August 2017, Episode No 38 Live Update: Thieves in Bigg Boss house today episode

The 38th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu starts with Mumait being entrusted with a task in the secret room. Mumait in the secret room gets to watch the interactions of the other inmates on television and listen to the proceedings on a headphone set provided to her. Hari Teja tells the captain Navdeep that the kitchen is not being maintained properly upon which Archana volunteers to take care of the cleaning tasks the next day.

Mumait is shocked to see Dhanraj speaking about her character behind her back. Similarly, she is shocked to see other contestants retract statements they had made in her presence. All the inmates are ordered to wear T-shirts with a message written on each of them by Mumait. If the inmates feel that the message is correct, they can continue to wear the T-shirt and if the feel it is wrong, they have to tear the T-shirt into shreds with a scissor.


After all the game is over, elimination takes place and Mumaith is eliminated she bids goodbye to everyone. After reaching the stage in front of the audience, when she is asked that who she thinks will win, she names Dhanraj, Prince and Siva Balaji. When she’s asked who’s the most manipulative, she names Prince and when she’s asked who’s the most useless, she names Diksha.

The housemates take turns in the box and address each other’s issues. After the issue is discussed, the housemates in the box will pick a chit from a bowl near them and do something like kissing someone trice or pull someone’s hair. When Sivabalaji picks his chit, he tells a lie and says that his task is to do sashtanga namaskaram, but Navdeep catches him in the lie as his chit reads that he has to touch someone’s feet for 30 seconds and he touches Prince’s feet as the part of the task.

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Updated: August 22, 2017 — 5:29 pm

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