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Bigg Boss Tamil 29th July Episode 34 Update: Oviya and Gayathri who will eliminate this week

Bigg Boss Tamil’s Episode 34 starts Shakthi showing his awesome dance moves with Oviya and Gayathri. Snehan, Shakthi, and Aarav discuss who will get eliminated the coming week. Aarav feels that this time a male will be eliminated as last two times it was females who had gone out.

Raiza is quite frustrated about staying in the house. She tries to sleep in the day time and is waken by the barking Bigg Boss dog. She says that she doesn’t want to stay anymore in the Stupid house. She is seen complaining to Snehan about Oviya not doing any work in the washing team. She says she doesn’t want Oviya in her team. So Snehan changes Oviya to the cleaning team with her permission.


Meanwhile, Julie who was made to sit outside the house as part of a task is seen talking to a butterfly trying to be like Oviya who usually does such cute things. She was seen complaining about the housemates who made her stay out of the house. Julie practices VJing questioning Raiza about what she would have done if she was the chinna bigg boss in yesterday’s task. She also asks about who she would like to slap in this house and she responds saying Oviya.


Oviya shows vengeance by deliberately pulling the carpet hard whenever Julie stepped on it. Ganesh steps in and asks Oviya to stop but to not use as Oviya feels humiliated by the task and determined to take vengeance. Aarav and Snehan talk to Oviya and tell her to take it as a task and not take it into the heart. Oviya is seen emotional and she says that she is losing all her self- respect and she badly wants to go back home. Later Oviya promises both Aarav and Snehan that she wouldn’t hurt Julie again in the task. Julie says that she is ready to bear the pain even if Oviya hurts her but the people outside should know about the real character of Oviya.

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Updated: July 29, 2017 — 5:51 pm

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