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Bigg Boss Tamil 25 Day Julie Sick Episode: Vijay TV Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 26 Juli Sick

The show opens with the Bigg Boss Tamil housemates, Oviya, Ganesh, Julie, Vayyapuri, Snehan and Gayathri Raghuram dancing to ‘kasu Panam’ song in the garden. Snehan is upset that a girl brought up in a village is always saying that she doesn’t know to cut veggies or cook. He is sharing this info with Ganesh and Aarav about Julie. He says that they had all been pampering the girl, as their younger sister and now they are not even able to scold her. He was obviously hinting Julie.

Tamil Thalaivas who is owned by legendary Cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar and Kamal Hasan is the brand ambassador for the team. So, he brought Tamil Thalaivas into the reality show. ulie accuses Namitha of scene podaruthu, while Oviya says that adi pattu adi pattu than strong aaka mudiyum. The housemates play a game of Kabadi against the Tamil Thalaivas team.


Julie is crying saying that she is having pain and cries hard. Sakthi and Ganesh approach the camera requesting for a doctor’s assistance. Snehan lifts Julie and makes her lie down on the sofa. Oviya pours water into her mouth and Julie become breathless. Sakthi and Snehan are pacifying Julie and now everyone in the house is upset. Ganesh again requests for a doctor. Bigg Boss asks Julie to be brought to the confession room.

Namitha complains about Oviya to Sakthi saying that she interrupted her conversation while she was talking to the Tamil Thalaivas team captain when he asked about the difficulties in living a diverse place like Bigg Boss House. Namitha is upset that she is being portrayed as a villain by Oviya. Namitha says that her hands are dying to break Oviya’s face and she is trying to control her anger. Gayathri says that Oviya has become a darling of the men as she flirts before the camera.

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Updated: July 21, 2017 — 5:19 pm

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