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Bigg Boss 11 3rd Oct Episode 3 Day 2nd Live Update: tonight first elimination nomination, Benafashah Jyoti fight

Bigg Boss 11 Day 1 was quite eventful as it witnessed a series of fights. From Shilpa Shinde locking horns with Vikas Gupta to Zubair Khan-Sapna Chaudhary-Puneesh Sharma’s bitter argument, it wasn’t how we were expecting things to unfold in the Bigg Boss house. But if you thought, Day 2 would being any relief, think again. Tonight, even the peacemakers will join the warriors and display their true intentions.

All contestants are shocked to hear Bigg Boss announce the first ever nomination of the season. Adding to the winding roads of twists,is Big Boss’ announcements which state that the gharwale have to make this nomination public with a valid reason supporting their decision. Much is revealed in this public nomination and contestants soon realize the worth of keeping their guard up. There is a face-off between reality show queen Benafasha Soonawala and commoner Jyoti Kumari; with Jyoti telling Benafsha not to order her around and mind her own business.


Benafashah Soonawala and commoner Jyoti Kumari will have a heated argument when the latter will tell Benafshah to mind her own business and not order her around. Benafshah will be seen telling her that she just wanted her to say thank you to a compliment that she gave her. Benafshah on the other hand will tell Shilpa that she hated when she said–‘dekho aisi ladkiyan bhi bartan saaf kar sakti hain.’ Shilpa clarified that she didn’t mean to hurt her.


Everyone has gathered around the dinner table and a conversation between the contestants leads to Vikas Gupta losing his temper on Akash. Things get ugly as Vikas tells Akash that he is not fit to be on the show and that he is only commenting on everyone’s personal life to gain attention. Akash is also told that he needs to change his behavior. Meanwhile, the padosis are given a special power to turn things around – they have the authority to save 1 person from nomination and add 2 people to the nomination roster. It seems like no one is really safe from elimination in the Bigg Boss 11 House.

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Updated: October 3, 2017 — 5:11 pm

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