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Baahubali Mahishmati Kingdom open for public, Ramoji Rao: Mahishmati Kingdom entry free for adult & kids, price

Business tycoon and media baron Ramoji Rao is a shrewd businessman. Proving it once again, Ramoji Rao is cashing in on the Baahubali craze. Mahishmati Kingdom in Baahubali is erected in a gigantic set in Ramoji Film City and now the film city has opened it to its visitors. This is now spreading like wild fire and inviting visitors from all corners to the film city.

In addition to this, the film also reaped in good interests to the media moghul who funded the producers. And of course, Baahubali has further strengthened the brand of RFC and acting as catalyst and garnering the attention of more filmmakers to shoot there. In all ways, looks like Ramoji Rao is a winner. All thanks to Baahubali and Rajamouli.


Right from the first part Bahubali The Beginning the Mahishmati kingdom is one great kingdom that is being under discussion. The whole series of Baahubali has been taken at the Mahishmati kingdom with the buzz of various stories in it. Everything about the period drama Baahubali, set in medieval India appears larger than life including the kingdom of Mahishmati, with its gigantic temples and courtyards, the landscapes comprising mystical waterfalls and mountains, and the epic battles.


Shobu Yarlagadda who produced the film posted out an interesting update that they have opened out to put the experience of Mahisthmathi to all the public people to check out. This is so great to see as the producers opened gates for the public to have the great tour of Mahishmati kingdom. Right from the courtyard structure and centre stage everything is going so awesome in RFC.

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Updated: September 9, 2017 — 5:36 pm

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