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AP Smart Landholder Summit Event, Bill Gates may be attend: AP Govt handshake with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

AP Government succeeded in making the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation a partner for the development of the Agriculture Sector. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation conducted a research in Africa using advanced technology for soil profiling. With this technology, The soil profile of landholders could be recorded through Spectroscopy and Digital Mapping. Fertility of the Land, Crops suitable & kind of Seeds required will be analyzed.

Now, The Foundation will be offering this technology for Andhra Pradesh. A 2-day event named AP Smart Landholder Summit will be conducted in AP by the end of September. Bill Gates will grace the Summit as a keynote Speaker. In the first quarter of 2017-18 financial year, AP achieved a growth of 27.60% in Agriculture & allied Sectors.


During a meeting with the Heads of Departments at the Interim Government Complex in Velagapudi on Friday, the Chief Minister said that agriculture and allied sectors contributed 27.60%, industry and service sectors contributed 8.05% and 8.67% respectively.The service sector had a target of 13.9%, but achieved only 8.67% in the first quarter. The trade, repair, hotel and restaurants sector grew by 11.08%, the transport and storage sector by 9.04%, financial sector by 9.54%, real estate and housing by 5.3% and public administration by 8.16%.

Through the technology, the soil profile of every landholder could be recorded through spectroscopy and digital mapping. They have agreed to share the technology with the AP Government at a meeting scheduled at the end of this month.A two-day event ‘AP Smart Landholder Summit along with Hackathon’ is scheduled to be organised in the State, for which The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be co-partners, and Bill Gates will participate in the evnt as keynote speaker.

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Updated: September 18, 2017 — 8:46 am

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