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Adventures of Omanakuttan Review, Live Update & Response: Asif Ali, Bhavana latest Malayalam movie

Portraying the exploits of an introverted youth, the film Adventures of Omanakuttan has seven tracks put together by two newbie music composers. There is something that’s too familiar about many of the songs in the album and thus, it’s nothing groundbreaking. Asif plays Omanakuttan, who is an introvert and a daydreamer. Bhavana’s character is named Pallavi. She is a ghost hunter. She investigates paranormal incidents and also is a researcher in parapsychology.

Haricharan sings the opening song Varminnal, which starts off poorly, but works up some charm as it progresses. The singer does invest in the song the right touch of passion and love. The mild classical touches given to the song makes it interesting while it lasts.


The movie’s director Rohit VS had recently said that despite the many hiccups the movie faced, it’s leads stood with it and helped the team to iron it all out. Now, we hear that the film is all set to hit the screens on May 18, Thursday. It will share the week with Basil Joseph’s Tovino Thomas starrer ‘Godha, which is releasing on May 19.

Director Rohith VS’ Adventures of Omanakuttan has been in production for almost two years, but the movie’s lead actors Asif Ali and Bhavana stood by the team and ensured that the movie is not shelved.One reason could be, the debutant director says, that the film has a story exploring novel concepts in Malayalam. In fact, the actors too will be seen in “fresh avatars”.

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Updated: May 18, 2017 — 5:07 pm

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