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8 Thottakal Review, Rating (3.5/5) & Response: 1st Day Box Office Collection

Debut director Sri Ganesh’s 8 Thottakal begins as a crime thriller, we get to see a lot of characters and their dark sides but slowly, the film turns out to be an emotional crime drama. The director, a former assistant of Myyskin is promising and his ability to handle human emotions hits us hard.

The movie starts with a petrified small boy Sathya (Vetri), who runs upstairs as he hears a loud sound. His master has a blood stained knife and his wife is lying in a pool of blood. The kid falls down in shock, he tries to escape from the murder scene but the rich man hits him with a cricket bat. Later, a cop friend of the master enters the crime scene and frames the kid as the murderer.


8 Thottakal has plenty of positive aspects to discuss but two things have certainly reduced the quality of the film, one is the wooden hero who just can’t act and the other one is unnecessary song sequences, which comes as speed-breakers. Another issue is the length of the film(2 hours 25 minutes) is a bit of a downer as the long drawn out scene composition tests your patience.

But despite these flaws, the film is worth a look and hits the target with the heart touching performance of MS Baskar, who has given his career best. To conclude, 8 Thottakal definitely has minor flaws including the impassive hero and lengthy second half but still, the film is a satisfying watch

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Updated: April 5, 2017 — 4:47 pm

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