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3 Bedroom House build in 24 Hours in Bengaluru: House Pics Photo & Videos

Paddy Menon is a self-confessed rebel. To the extent that he also named his company REBEL Disruptive Building Technologies and occupies the position of Chief Disruptor. On Saturday, in another display of his rebellious streak, Menon attempted to set a world record by building a three bedroom, 2400 sq ft house within 24 hours using precast technology in T Agrahara, on the outskirts of Bengaluru.

So near and yet so far. That’s how one can describe the unsuccessful record attempt by a Bengaluru based company to build a three-bedroom house in 24 hours. After completing 80% of the work on Saturday night, the company, specializing in rapid construction and building innovation technology, thought it would create a world record by dawn.


Menon aimed to make it into the Limca Book of World Records with the house built on fast-forward. During this stage, electrical conduits and water pipes are also fixed into the panels. Once the basement is ready, these panels, including the roof, are erected using cranes.

Menon had exactly 24 hours to complete the house. He used nearly 1.5 hours of it last week to lay the foundation of the house, and the rest of it was used at a stretch from Saturday to Sunday morning. He had to ensure that the house was put together in a way that it was fully functional, from the structure to electricity to plumbing, at the end of the day.

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Updated: July 17, 2017 — 4:47 pm

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